Apple quietly released the first beta version of IOS 14.3 on Thursday, which contained more information about the company’s ongoing development of its “airtags” smart tracker. Apple insider points out that many details related to the Bluetooth / UWB smart tracker have been found in the code string before. As for when airtags will officially arrive, it remains to be announced by Apple officials. < / P > < p > according to the opportunity to download the test version of 9to5mac, IOS 14.3 introduces new videos and images that guide users to initialize airtags settings, and has a new hidden part in the “find my” application that can accommodate airtags and third-party intelligent trackers (such as tile). < / P > < p > in addition, there is a reference to the code string bound to the user’s Apple ID, indicating that airtag will support security mechanisms that prevent items from being taken away by others after they are lost. If someone else’s airtag is found and wants to return it, the company also has a way to check who the owner is. Global Tech