As anyone familiar with the iPhone knows, Apple’s control of the supply chain is extremely harsh. In the production process of the first generation iPhone, apple must completely control every link of the production. Even for Foxconn, the world’s top OEM factory, Apple has sent nearly 2000 engineers to work together. It can be seen that it is not so simple to become a “friend” of the iPhone. So after so many years, only three factories are capable of OEM iPhones. < / P > < p > some time ago, the Chinese company, Lixun, announced that it would invest 3.3 billion yuan in cash to acquire 100% of the shares of two wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wistron. However, this seemingly insipid merger and acquisition behavior has caused a great shock to the industry. Because the weft is acquired is one of the three largest iPhone generation factories in China, and Weicon started its iPhone OEM in 2017. The acquisition means that it will have the ability to produce iPhone by OEM and will become the first iPhone factory in Chinese mainland (Foxconn, Ho sum, Wei are all Chinese Taiwan enterprises). Lishun precision was founded in 2004. It has a lot of connections with the industry giant Foxconn. Its chairman, Ms. Wang Laichun, was one of the first employees of Foxconn’s mainland factories. She started as a front-line worker and worked for Foxconn for 11 years He was promoted to the top management of Foxconn’s mainland employees. Later, Wang Laichun and his brother took out all their savings to establish Lixun company in Hong Kong, China, which is now the predecessor of lichen precision. In the early days, Lixun precision was actually dedicated to Foxconn. However, Wang Laichun was familiar with Foxconn’s Guo Taiming’s approach to success: one copy, two studies, three creations and four inventions, which led to this path. < p > < p > with the help of Foxconn, from the early cable and connector business to the listing in 2010, the company has developed into China’s largest connector factory, once known as “small Foxconn”. After its listing, the company also showed greater ambition Just a while ago, the market value of Lixun precision has surpassed that of Foxconn, which also gives it enough capital to participate in the OEM of iPhone. < p > < p > after going public in 2010, Lixun precision gradually began to get rid of the shadow of Foxconn and launched a series of merger and acquisition actions, including a key action to cut into Apple’s airpods supply chain. In July 2016, lichen precision spent less than 600 million yuan on the acquisition of Suzhou Meite. Suzhou Meite is a company committed to the audio field, and has a deep research and development and Patent Foundation in the business of micro electro acoustic devices. From this, ricent precision entered the acoustic field. < / P > < p > two months later, Apple’s airpods real wireless headset appeared with the iPhone 7 series. In the early months of the release, the supply of airpods was in short supply, and the launch time was constantly delayed. Until 2017, apple found lichen precision, which successfully won the favor of apple by relying on the high quality rate, so it was involved in the OEM production of airpods. At the end of this year, Apple CEO cook personally visited lucent to inspect the airpods production line and praised it as a “super first-class factory”. Wang Laichun, chairman of Lucent precision, said, “it must be junniao who can fly with Phoenix.”. < / P > < p > in the three years of OEM for airpods, the market value of lichen precision has been doubling. I specially checked the information. If I bought the stock of lichen precision when cook posted that microblog, I can now get a return of nearly 250%. In addition to airpods, lichen precision is also penetrating into the supply chain of more apple products. At the beginning of this year, Guo Mingji, a famous analyst, said that lichen precision will replace Guangda as the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the new Apple watch s series chips in 2020. < / P > < p > from the imitator of Foxconn to the creator of OEM Empire, from the inconspicuous connector to the hot airpods, the precise ambition of Lucent is not limited to this city. In its OEM layout, the next target to be developed is the iPhone. < / P > < p > iPhone is Apple’s core business. As mentioned at the beginning, Apple’s supply chain management and control is extremely strict. In the OEM of the whole machine before the iPhone, only Foxconn, Heshuo and Wistron have production qualification, and Wistron, which was acquired by lichen precision, won the OEM qualification of iPhone in 2017, mainly responsible for the production of old models or low-end products IPhone model. < / P > < p > for lichen precision, if it can successfully receive the disk this time, it will not only face the high challenge brought by OEM of the whole iPhone, but also compete positively with Hewlett Packard and Foxconn in the past. Although the future of Lixun precision is still full of uncertainties, as Wang Laichun, chairman of Lixun precision, said: it is junniao who can fly with Phoenix. We believe that lichen is ambitious and capable of OEM iPhone. < / P > < p > for apple, since the birth of the iPhone, Foxconn has accepted most of the orders. With the rising labor and OEM costs, apple must be eager to reduce its dependence on Foxconn. In recent years, due to the high pricing, the market has been in a cold situation The decline in sales is the last thing Apple wants to see. Therefore, if Lixun precision can become a qualified friend of iPhone, Apple will further strengthen its bargaining power to reduce the price of iPhone. < / P > < p > speaking of the development process of Lixun precision, it is most admirable to be able to “stand and earn money”. In fact, in the field of precision manufacturing in China, there are also many enterprises like ricent precision, such as Wentai technology in the field of mobile phone OEM, golfer Co., Ltd., which is also responsible for the OEM of airpods, and huiding technology, which specializes in fingerprint identification solutions These excellent enterprises not only promote the close combination of consumer electronics and modern life, but also make consumers benefit from the progress and development of science and technology. In contrast, the successful rise of Lixun precision is only the epitome of the accelerated take-off of China’s manufacturing industry.