Google must respond to an antitrust lawsuit filed by the Justice Department by December 19, according to a court document released on Friday local time. On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the $1 trillion technology giant, accusing it of illegally using its dominant market position to impede competition, the biggest enforcement challenge for US regulators in decades against the power and influence of large technology companies. < p > < p > the U.S. Department of justice has accused Google of illegally shutting out competitors in search and advertising and using advertising revenue to pay mobile companies and browser developers to maintain Google’s status as the default search engine. These moves mean that Google dominates the U.S. device space, leaving competitors with little opportunity. The legal battle comes more than a year after the US Department of justice and the Federal Trade Commission launched antitrust investigations into Google, Facebook, apple and Amazon. The move comes after the US House antitrust Committee issued a stern report accusing Google and other technology giants of abusing market dominance and calling for a potential break-up. < / P > < p > the lawsuit is the most radical challenge faced by Silicon Valley technology giants in more than 20 years. In response, Kent walker, Google’s senior vice president of global affairs, lashed out at “dubious antitrust rhetoric,” saying: “people are not forced to use Google services or because they can’t find other options.” The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19