In April of last year, the European Union established the right to press under the EU wide copyright law. A Paris court order forced the tech giant to pay to use French news publishers’ content, with little legal leeway. < / P > < p > the French competition authority has ruled that Google cannot unilaterally withdraw news clips displayed in its news aggregator (and elsewhere on its search service) to seek to evade payment. Asked to comment on the court’s ruling, a Google spokesman said: & quot; as we announced yesterday, our top priority remains to reach agreements with French publishers and news organizations. We are appealing for legal clarification of certain parts of the order, and we will now review the decision of the Paris court of appeal. &Google said it appealed against the ruling on the interim measure because the company was concerned about some aspects of the order, some of which were contradictory and confusing. Google will continue to have major concerns about how the country interprets the rights of publishers, although it also reiterated that the legal process is separate from the ongoing negotiations with French publishers and will continue to follow the negotiation process. < / P > < p > earlier this month, the tech giant announced a $1 billion licensing fee fund called Google News Show fund, which will be used to pay news publishers to help them create and plan high-quality content; The goal is to present a new authorized content segment on Google News, which will be launched first in Germany and Brazil and expanded to other markets. Global Tech