Facebook failed in a landmark online speech case after the Austrian Supreme Court ruled that it had to remove defamatory comments about Austrian politicians worldwide. These comments, which have to be blocked while the ban goes into effect, insult the Austrian Green Party politician EVA glawischnig piesczek. < / P > < p > the Austrian news media Der Standard reported the news earlier on Thursday. This echoes a similar ruling by the European Court of justice, which delivered a ruling to Facebook at the end of last year. Gladischnig piesczek initially sued Facebook in 2016, arguing that a series of insulting remarks had damaged her reputation – including calling her a “bad traitor” and a member of the “fascist party.”. The comments < / P > should not be re published in some countries. The company called the court’s 2019 ruling a dangerous precedent, saying it “undermines the long-standing principle that one country has no right to impose its laws on another.”. < / P > < p > the decision comes at a time when Facebook is facing worldwide criticism of its regulatory policies – both from critics who see it as slow to remove hate content, and from conservative politicians who accuse it of suppressing speech. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure