Apple’s iPhone launch is finally over. Like the previous online launch, it’s fast-paced, concise and more like a pre recorded video playback. A day after the launch, there have been a lot of comments on the product level, so we might as well listen to the voices of some users and consumers. < / P > < p > from the present point of view, the most controversial issue is undoubtedly that Apple’s iPhone has cancelled the operation of additional headphones and chargers. Although this has long been prepared, it seems that after the official announcement, it has caused a great deal of noise. < / P > < p > Fengyou 1: my iPhone x will be able to fight for another two years. After watching this year’s iPhone 12, I feel it’s really unnecessary to change the phone. < / P > < p > potential buyer 1: as a 10-year-old iPhone user, there are still a lot of chargers at home, and the entry price of iPhone 12 Pro has dropped this year, which is enough money to buy a charging head. < / P > < p > potential buyer 3: A14 is still enough to crush other Android flagship chips. Although the comparative improvement is not obvious, it is Apple’s ecology. < / P > < p > potential buyer 4: the small screen iPhone Mini is coming. The long-awaited full screen version of “iPhone se” should have a good one hand holding experience. < / P > < p > potential buyer 5: this year’s iPhone still has a huge improvement in image, with a bigger bottom, better night and low light shooting ability. Those who like to take photos should not miss it. Global Tech