According to the developer counterplay games in an interview, the details of the fall of the gods are very explosive, and the details can be clearly seen with the continuous enlargement of the characters’ armor. In an interview with the latest issue of Playstation magazine, counterplay games, the developer of fallen gods, said that Keith Lee, CEO of counterplay games, said there were various levels of model details for each character in the game. For example, character armor and armor, each layer has a unique design, and players have to zoom in to see the amazing details of the second and third layers.

  Keith “If you look at each character, you’ll see that our character model has three levels of detail: outline, shape and detail, and then you can zoom in, and the details become very fine, and these details are almost microscopic. There’s a new design on the arm armor of the carapace that you can see only when you zoom in, but the shape still feels when you zoom in,” Lee said It’s very clear. ” < / P > < p > the developer, counterplay games, also uses ultra-high-resolution maps for fall of gods, which is rarely used in games. In addition, every joint and rivet on the lock armor is made by artists themselves. “Every piece of art in our game is rich in detail,” Keith Lee said In view of the fact that “the gods fall” has not been developed for less than three years, it is really amazing to have such a performance. < / P > < p > < p > the PC version of the fall of the gods will be on sale in epic store on November 12, the ps5 version will be on sale in North America on November 12, and in Europe on November 19. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region

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