Morning, which specializes in developing FPS games, said in a statement that in view of the legal proceedings launched by Activitv, it had taken all the “call of duty” off the shelves and promised not to provide maintenance and upgrade services for the series of products. He also apologized to the innocent players who had been harmed: “sorry for any behavior that caused the bad feelings of the COD players.” < / P > < p > the website is currently unavailable. It is said that all those related to cod are no longer available for sale, but they are still on sale before the website goes offline, which can be used for apex legends and pubg. People who bought the COD are clamoring for a refund. < / P > < p > cheating not only harms PC games, but also leads the current popular cross platform online system to the host platform. Host players can only turn off the cross platform online option to avoid such troubles, but sometimes this effort is not successful and seriously affects the player’s matching speed. < / P > < p > in addition, the dubbing actor who played Frank woods in many “cod: black action” works lost his temper online, and Activision didn’t invite him to participate in this year’s cod annual product. < p > < p > the actor named James C burns has been speaking for Frank woods for more than ten years, and he is extremely disappointed that he lost the election: “I believe the plot must be bull x, but Even a thousand words are hard to tell. I’m not aiming at anyone. The actor is also professional. He can play well, but can he compare with me? I’ve been in this role for 11 years, and I know it all before and behind the stage. I’m woods, and woods is me < / P > < p > “I could have done a lot of things, but this is the most difficult thing for me to accept. I really want to do it again, and it must be beautiful. It’s really hard not to get a chance. Forget it.” It has been pointed out that James C burns once gave a voice to a community mod and violated the non competition agreement, which was the main reason why he lost the election. However, burns refutes this statement, saying that it is not worth mentioning, but he really does not know which link of the company is wrong to use new people. < / P > < p > should not be about money. The income of dubbing actors is not high. 200-300 dollars per hour is the prevailing standard in the industry. In this way, each actor can only get 20000 to 30000 dollars, which is a drop in the bucket for mobile TV, which costs hundreds of millions of dollars. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States