Last week, Google fired timnit gebru, a prominent researcher at the company. The dismissal touched on some of the company’s toughest workplace problems, bringing a perfect storm to the company’s leadership. Since Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin left the company a year ago, the event will be another big test of how CEO sandar Pichai handles employee unrest. < p > < p > gerbrough is a famous AI scientist and co technical director of Google’s AI ethics team. On Wednesday night, she tweeted that Google had fired her because of differences between the two sides over a research paper examining bias in artificial intelligence. Gerbrough said the way Google treats her has become commonplace within Google. Although she has won numerous academic honors, she is famous for her outspoken talk within Google about the company’s lack of diversity and the treatment of minority employees. < / P > < p > the company did not explain the reason for the dismissal, but referred to a comment by Jeff Dean, director of artificial intelligence, on the company’s research paper approval process. < / P > < p > this incident focuses on four issues that have triggered the riots among Google employees in recent years: Ethics in the field of artificial intelligence, the treatment of women, racial issues, and the departure from Google’s open and free culture. < / P > < p > more and more people are expressing their support for gebru – which will damage Google’s ability to attract and retain talented people. Google has long promised its employees that they will have a first-class working environment at Google. Google’s competitors have begun to wave to these employees. If they decide to leave the search giant, these competitors will offer them an opportunity. Due to the potential powerful functions of artificial intelligence, the technology industry is trying to think about the ethical issues of artificial intelligence. There have been several controversies over this issue among Google’s technical staff. < / P > < p > in 2018, thousands of Google employees signed a letter urging their CEO to quit a defense project based on satellite images called “Maven project.”. At the time, about 12 employees resigned in protest. Employees worry that the Defense Department will use Google’s AI technology to kill people in the war. In the end, Google pulled out of the project. In 2019, more than 1400 employees signed a petition asking Google not to bid for U.S. Customs and immigration contracts. These employees are concerned about the trump administration’s zero tolerance strategy for immigrants. < / P > < p > during this period, Google released a series of principles for AI development, including “good for society” and “avoiding or reinforcing unfair prejudice”. The latter is the area where exactly gerbrough concentrated his research. She is best known for her excellent work on the gender shadows project. The project reveals the inaccuracy of facial recognition technology for black people. Her work caused IBM and Microsoft to suspend sales of their facial recognition technology. According to reports, Dean, Google’s head of artificial intelligence, has asked her to withdraw a research paper. The paper questions whether “large language models” (artificial intelligence that generates intelligible text) will bring disproportionate benefits to the privileged in society and harm marginalized communities. Dean said he asked to withdraw because the paper “ignored too much research on large language models” and did not take into account the latest research on mitigating language model bias. But gbroo’s colleagues were quick to refute that Dean’s explanation was inconsistent with the facts. On Monday, some of Google’s current and former employees went further, detailing a range of reasons for opposing Dean’s claim. < / P > < p > Google has just completed a landmark sexual harassment solution. Earlier, employees and shareholders questioned how Google handled sexual misconduct and harassment. In a broader sense, they are questioning Google’s policy towards female employees. < / P > < p > this solution includes more than 70 internal policy updates. A year earlier, shareholders filed lawsuits after it was found that Google had been quietly paying executives for sexual misconduct. The documents show that the company has institutional gaps that powerful executives can exploit or bypass. < / P > < p > in an email to employees, Pichia encouraged them to read and understand the key points of the program agreement. “These commitments are a strong signal to all that we will not go back to the past,” he said Gerbrough, one of the few black women leaders at Google, has been critical of the technology industry and Google’s approach to minority employees. In an email to colleagues, gerbrough criticized the company’s approach to diversity and inclusiveness. The letter was sent a few days before she was fired. < / P > < p > despite Google’s strong promotion of its diversified recruitment plan, little progress has been made in building and maintaining a diverse workforce. The turnover rate of black American employees in Google changed little from the same period of last year to 12%, higher than the average turnover rate of Google employees – according to Google’s 2020 diversification report, the turnover rate of black female employees also increased to 18% compared with last year. < p > < p > this summer, Mr. picchay promised to address the concerns of black employees. He said the company will spend $175 million to support black affairs and has promised to increase its representation in leadership by 30% for “under represented” strata by 2025. Executives, including Dean, have also publicly pledged against discriminatory treatment. In September, it was reported that Google’s recruitment department demanded that the company’s employee commitment and retention plan in June be more explicit and transparent. The recruitment department is concerned that the loss of ethnic minority employees will continue without a clearer goal of diversification. “It is crucial that we are trying to build an inclusive culture,” wrote an internal Google letter obtained by the media “We don’t want to bring in talented students who will eventually leave because the future doesn’t meet their expectations.” More than 2000 Google employees, managers and industry supporters petitioned Google for an explanation as Google remained silent on the dismissal of gebru. This exposes a huge gap between the company’s leadership and its employees – Google has gradually deviated from its aims of openness, idealism and freedom and is transforming into a more traditional enterprise. The company began to try to strike a balance between pleasing employees and fighting dissent. < p > < p > ironically, gerbrough tweeted the reason for Google’s dismissal, which happened on the same day as the US National Labor Relations Commission filed a lawsuit against the company. The Labor Relations Commission accused Google of retaliating against employees and preventing employees from using tools such as calendars and emails to share their dissatisfaction with each other at work. < p > < p > Google employees told the media that 2019 is a critical year for the company, and some employees have left, in part because of the lack of transparency in management. Some employees believe that the company’s culture is completely opposite to the original intention of the founders. Global Tech