According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Facebook’s recent criticism of Apple’s upcoming privacy tracking measures is “ridiculous.”. Facebook says Apple’s new choice tracking policy will hurt small businesses that benefit from personalized advertising, but eff believes that Facebook’s opposition to apple is actually about what users lose when they learn what’s going on behind Facebook and other data brokers. The eff points out that Facebook has built a huge empire around the concept of tracking what users do. < / P > < p > from the beginning of next year, developers of iPhone iPad applications will need to obtain user permission to track their activities on all other companies’ apps and websites to achieve personalized advertising purposes. Specifically, when a user opens an app on IOS 14 and iPad OS 14, a prompt appears to allow or reject tracking. < / P > < p > according to eff research, most of the revenue from directional advertising does not reach the hands of application developers, but goes to third-party data intermediaries such as Facebook, Google and some less well-known companies. “Facebook’s boasting in this case that it is protecting small businesses is far from the truth,” said eff. Facebook has locked them in a situation that forces them to be mean and bad for their users. The answer can’t be to defend this broken system at the expense of user privacy and control. ” In order to maintain the revenue balance of Apple’s app store and app store, this move is not to increase the revenue and expenditure of Apple’s app stores, but to maintain the revenue balance between the app and app stores. Facebook says this will make the Internet more expensive and reduce the amount of high-quality free content. In response to Facebook, apple said users should have control and transparency. “We believe it’s a simple matter of protecting the interests of users,” Apple said. Users should know when their data is collected and shared on other apps and websites – they should have the right to choose whether to allow it or not. ” < / P > < p > eff praised Apple’s change in privacy protection as a huge step forward. “When a company does the right thing for its users, eff will stand with it, just as we will crack down on companies that do wrong. At this point, apple is right, Facebook is wrong. ” The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region