The European Union is considering new rules that may require apple to provide its competitors with built-in iPhone payment technology. According to a document obtained by the media, the EU’s new rules will prevent mobile device manufacturers from restricting the use of near-field communication technology (NFC) embedded in other devices such as smartphones and smart watches. Near field communication technology (NFC) can process wireless signals, allowing users to use their own mobile devices instead of credit cards or debit cards to make payments on devices on store terminals. < / P > < p > although the name of apple is not mentioned in the document, currently iPhone and apple watch users can only make NFC payment through apple pay. Banks and other competitors complain that they want their apps to have the same payment capabilities, but Apple doesn’t allow them to use the technology chip. < / P > < p > the EU will release its report next week as part of a package of policy recommendations. It also includes footnotes to a competition case launched by EU antitrust authorities in June to assess whether Apple unfairly prevented other suppliers from using tap and go features on their smartphones. < / P > < p > since NFC was introduced on the iPhone in 2014, Apple has been limiting the chip to its apple pay service. Apple has previously said it limits access to users as part of a system that encrypts users’ bank card information. Apple said that allowing competitors’ mobile payment applications to access NFC chips separated from Apple’s additional security layer could increase the risk of fraud and other security vulnerabilities. < / P > < p > the EU said in the document that any regulation would “take full account of the potential security and other risks that such access may bring”, adding that it would clarify the criteria for determining who and under what conditions access should be granted. Any EU legislation will follow German rules earlier this year, requiring operators of digital money infrastructure to open access to competitors at a reasonable cost. Global Tech

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