On Tuesday, Facebook’s independent oversight committee reported its first six cases, which could deny the social media company’s decision to remove some content from its platform. The independent oversight committee, set up by Facebook in response to criticism of its handling of issues, has received 20000 complaints since it was set up in October last year. Of the six cases announced today, three involved content deleted by Facebook for violating hate speech rules. A spokesman for the independent oversight commission said cases containing hate speech were “the most important part” of the complaints received. “Hate speech is a particularly difficult area. It’s not so easy for algorithms to judge context,” Jamal Greene, one of the committee’s co chairs and a professor at Columbia University’s law school, told the media < / P > < p > in November last year, Facebook announced for the first time the popularity of hate speech on its platform. Facebook said 10 to 11 out of every 10000 content views in the third quarter contained hate speech. < / P > < p > in addition to hate speech, other cases chosen by the committee also include content deleted in violation of the regulations on adult nudity, danger to individuals and organizations, violence and incitement. Another case is Facebook novel coronavirus pneumonia, which Facebook has said, which highlights the challenges it faces in coping with the offline damage caused by false information of new crown pneumonia. < / P > < p > at present, the Committee has launched a one week public consultation period on the first batch of cases, which will be reviewed by a five member panel. Within the 90 day deadline, Facebook will decide on these cases and take action. < / P > < p > this week, a group of Facebook critics known as the “real Facebook oversight committee” said they would consider three cases in which users had not yet qualified to submit materials to the official oversight committee, including a dispute over the Facebook account of Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump. “A lot of people have their own opinions about Facebook,” a spokesperson for the Facebook oversight committee said when asked about the private group. The oversight committee is focused on making binding decisions and issuing policy recommendations to hold Facebook accountable. ” Global Tech