From now on, the company will work together with well-known fruit chain brands such as Baiguoyuan, Xianfeng fruit and cut fruit now, as well as independent small and medium-sized fruit merchants, to make specific specifications on fruit cutting specifications, price, variety, origin, processing process, etc. < p > < p > fruit cutting is one of the categories with the highest sales volume in the fruit industry, but it has not been standardized for a long time. Some consumers believe that there may be some problems in fruit cutting products, such as nonstandard processing flow, not fresh fruit selection, inconsistent packaging specifications, and opaque origin information, which affect the consumption intention to a certain extent. < p > < p > it is reported that “sunshine fruit cutting” has put forward specific requirements for commodity name, variety, origin, price and processing process. For example, when processing watermelon fruit, it is required that no white and green parts should be left in the peeled pulp, and cut into squares with the length and width of about 2 cm. The weight of the packing box must be removed when weighing. < p > < p > recently, according to the season and other factors, the “sunshine fruit cutting” has developed a menu including 18 kinds of fruit cuts. According to their own supply situation, cooperative businesses can flexibly choose the categories suitable for stores. < / P > < p > in addition, it will also help “sunshine fruit cut” cooperative businesses to improve the quality of after-sales service and user experience. Whether it is large fruit chain brands, or small and medium-sized fruit merchants, will achieve the service commitment of “fresh fruit cutting, bad fruit compensation”. < p > < p > in July this year, hungry Mo announced that it was upgraded from a catering delivery platform to a life service platform to meet all the immediate needs of users. The service was upgraded from “delivery of food” to “delivery of everything”. At the same time, the “10 billion subsidy” was launched to cover catering, living services and retail businesses in more than 100 key cities in China. Global Tech