The reporter learned from China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. that on the 26th, Guangzhou Huangpu District tram line 1, the first domestic tram project with “super capacitor + lithium titanate battery” energy storage power supply device, was completed by China Railway 22nd bureau group. Hu Wentao, the project leader of China Railway 22nd bureau group, said that the total length of tram line 1 in Huangpu District is about 14.4 km. The tram used in the project is 37 meters long, 2.65 meters wide and 3.68 meters high. It is a 100% low floor tram line, which is convenient for passengers to get on and off. He said that “super capacitor + lithium titanate battery” hybrid energy storage power supply device technology was adopted for the first time in China. When the vehicle arrives at the station, the vehicle will automatically complete charging in the gap between passengers getting on and off the bus, which takes less than 30 seconds to realize the dynamic balance of vehicle energy consumption and supply. Global Tech

By ibmwl