At 0:00 on November 1, tmall’s double 11 “preemptive purchase” officially opened, and hundreds of millions of “tail money” people poured into Taobao to place orders frantically, and snapped up 14 million top-notch goods participating in discount. In the first minute, Adidas turnover exceeded 100 million, followed by Nike over 100 million. Subsequently, domestic brands such as kovos, balabalabala, sparrow antelope and Quanyou household also competed to break 100 million yuan. < / P > < p > as of 1:51, 100 brands, including apple, L’Oreal, Haier, Estee Lauder, Nike, Huawei Midea, Lancome, Xiaomi, Adidas, etc., had a turnover of more than 100 million yuan, and quickly entered the 11 billion yuan Club of tmall double. Among them, beauty and 3C home appliance brands contributed the most “trump card”. < p > < p > it is understood that this year’s tmall double 11 is three days longer than in previous years. November 1-3 is the first wave, and November 11 is the second wave. This means that consumers can start receiving express delivery from the 1st, and enjoy the joy of dismantling express delivery 10 days in advance. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure