“Call of Duty: Theater” players recently found a mysterious video in the game, which seems likely to be the forerunner of call of duty 2020. As shown in the figure, at the end of a blurred and distorted image, the word “know your history” appears on the screen. Although the specific meaning is still uncertain, it is obviously a carefully made image material, which must have special meaning.

“we got a key card on the train, and then we went to the bunker on the edge of the bottom map to search for it. After about 30 seconds’ drive, the video began to play.”

so it seems that Infinity Ward must have buried colored eggs here and left clues for players to find out. If this is a bug, it will definitely have a more serious negative impact on the experience.

it has been rumored that the current “call of Duty: Theater” will have a very close relationship with this year’s “call of duty 17: black action cold war”. It is likely that “theater” will no longer participate in the rotation of new year goods and become a permanent and updated multi person mode.