I believe that in the hearts of many car fans, the French car has always been with “exotic design”, “unusual road” label. This is not, not long ago Citroen released a mini electric car – ami caused a heated discussion among netizens. < / P > < p > what is puzzling is that the front and rear lights of AMI adopt split design, while the doors on both sides adopt asymmetric design which opens in different directions. In addition, the shape of the front and rear of the car is quite similar, it is easy to confuse which side is the main driver’s seat. < / P > < p > netizens have been hotly debated. Will anyone buy this kind of bike for the elderly like China? Recently, Citroen said it had received more than 1000 orders for this model. According to official data, AMI carries a 5.5kwh battery pack with a full power range of 70km (no test standard) and a maximum speed of 45km / h. It can be charged by any standard 220 volt charging port, which takes only three hours to charge. It is worth mentioning that AMI is divided into light four-wheel vehicles with the length, width and height of 2410 mm / 1390 mm / 1520 mm. According to EU regulations, people over the age of 16 and without an EU driver’s license can drive it. < / P > < p > the price of the new car is 6000 euro (about 46000 yuan). At the same time, the car also provides rental service, with a down payment of 2644 euro (about 20000 yuan), and another 20 euro (about 154 yuan) per month to rent the car for a long time. Global Tech