In June, KFC announced a 4K resolution, 120fps, and also a “game console” with an oven, which was released on November 12. Today, however, KFC announced a 29 day extension of its console, the new release on December 11. The biggest challenge for us now is to make a host that can bake chickens (literally), which means we have to test a lot of aspects (picture representation, network connectivity, game acquisition, speed of operation, and the most important oven) And now we are in the state of working at home. Given that KFC hosts are already part of the next generation hosts, we need to make sure everything works perfectly. We know it sounds like it’s hard to make qualitative changes on such a creative and complex machine for 21 days, but it’s true. We know that we have a great host in our hands. We are willing to make any difficult decisions for it, as long as we can ensure that it will eventually become your favorite host… “” Do you think this kind of writing is a bit familiar? Yes, KFC not only imitated the style of the announcement of cyberpunk 2077, but also copied the copy of the 2077 extension notice, which was very sad. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park