Forest of illumination, a twitter user, recently released a leaked version of the N64 game “Dinosaur Planet” that rare canceled. At that time, the rare team decided to cancel the development on its own after the development reached a certain level, and modified some of the functions of this work, and changed it to “star fox adventure” for sale on NGC platform.


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Forest of illumination claims that:

“We bought a CD of the game from a Swedish collector of pirated games. The date of the version file in the CD-ROM is December 1, 2000, which seems to be a relatively later version in the development stage, but it still needs some cracking means to play to the end. “

PC players can use the simulator to run this cancelled N64 game, but the simulation effect can not reach 100%. In the game, they may encounter some image quality problems related to shadow and light, and some of them will slow down.

Players can click here to download the mod of Dinosaur Planet. Although this is a cancelled game, Nintendo may still cut down the download link, so players who want to experience it need to act as soon as possible.

Dinosaur Planet demo video:

Visit the purchase page:

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