Ideal automobile has signed a three-party strategic cooperation agreement with NVIDIA, an artificial intelligence computing company, and desivia, China’s partner of NVIDIA. Ideal automobile will use NVIDIA Orin system level chips on its full-scale extended range intelligent SUV to be launched in 2022. NVIDIA Orin system level chip was released in 2019 and planned to be put into production in 2022. Orin adopts a 7Nm production process, which can achieve 200 tops per second, which is 7 times higher than the previous generation Xavier system level chip. < / P > < p > in addition, the ideal car will provide end users with an upgrade scheme. The standard single Orin can have 200tops computing power, and can provide advanced level 2 + driving assistance functions. After upgrading to dual Orin, the computing power can reach 400tops, and the level 4 level automatic driving scheme can be provided.

DESAY Sewell will provide the automatic driving domain controller for the ideal automobile based on the Orin system level chip’s computing power. The ideal car will independently complete all automatic driving program design and algorithm logic setting on this basis, and is expected to become the first new energy vehicle enterprise in China that can completely develop Level 4 level automatic driving system independently. Wang Kai, chief technical officer of ideal automobile, said: “ideal car will invest more R & D resources in the field of automatic driving. This is the first time to use the latest generation of NVIDIA automatic driving chip Orin, so that the ideal car has a good hardware foundation. ” Gao Dapeng, general manager of DESAY Siwei, said: “DESAY West Wei once again joined hands with the ideal car to jointly develop the automatic driving system integration based on Orin’s super computing power, which will bring an innovative driving experience for the ideal vehicle next generation vehicle.” < / P > < p > thanks to the computing power and scalability of NVIDIA Orin system level chip and the automatic driving domain controller system of desalvay, the ideal car will realize the full function coverage from auxiliary driving to automatic driving on the next generation of vehicles. Skip to content