From 17 to 20, the Zhongguancun forum, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Municipality, will be held in Beijing. This year’s forum will focus on the world’s cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as industrial interconnection, intelligent Internet connected vehicles, biomedicine and artificial intelligence. At a pioneer forum held in the early 14th, CCTV reporters learned that at this Sino German intelligent new energy automobile industry forum, many experts and entrepreneurs from Germany and China in the field of intelligent Internet connected vehicles and new energy vehicles gathered together to deeply exchange the future development direction of intelligent travel, as well as the combination and application with the new energy industry. < p > < p > the reporter learned that on the road of promoting automobile intelligence and Internet connection, Haidian District of Beijing plans to build Zhongguancun autonomous driving innovation demonstration zone with a total area of more than 100 square kilometers from 2019. At the forum, Haidian District announced that an important part of the demonstration area was officially launched: Zhongguancun advanced technology innovation center of intelligent connected vehicles. In the future, well-known leading-edge innovative enterprises in the field of intelligent connected vehicles at home and abroad will be introduced here. Chen Gang, Chinese sponsor of Sino German intelligent new energy automobile industry forum: at the same time, we will build a demonstration area of 100 square kilometers at present, so as to form a benign industrial ecological circle. At present, the road facilities of the demonstration area of 100 square kilometers have been built, and some test fields are also being optimized. Global Tech