Xiao Sun from the West Coast New Area sent an express from Anshan, Liaoning Province, back to Qingdao in early November. The insurance price was 10000 yuan. However, after the goods were damaged, the express company only promised to pay 25% compensation. Why only 2500 yuan will be compensated for the 10000 yuan premium? This makes Xiao Sun wonder. Xiao Sun said he wanted to change an exhaust pipe for his car, so on November 3 this year, he bought an exhaust pipe through his friend in Anshan, Liaoning Province. At that time, it cost a total of 17500 yuan. After the purchase, sun entrusted a friend to send the goods back to Qingdao via deppon express. Xiao Sun: the basic cost of express delivery was 148 yuan. At that time, I also bought the insurance price of 10000 yuan. The insured price was 4 / 1000, that is 40 yuan, and there was another 20 yuan other cost, which was 208 yuan. On November 5, the express was sent from Anshan, Liaoning Province to Qingdao. < p > < p > Xiao Sun: This is a picture of transportation damage. The bruise is about four or five centimeters. Then there is a small pit nearby. You can see that the pit has begun to rust. My first reaction was to call my friend to find out whether there were these two pits before the goods were delivered. My friend said that it was impossible. If there were pits, I could not send them to you for auto repair The master of the factory said that it must work, but it must affect the effect. I also asked the master of the garage whether he could repair it. The master of the garage said that there was no such technology in China because it was imported from Britain. < p > < p > Xiao Sun: at that time, their reply to me was that the transportation damage had nothing to do with their company. I said that it was impossible. After the placement of the unpacking video and the traces of the damage, the transportation damage occurred in the transportation process. Deppon express asked for some photos and some relevant proof of the value of the goods. He told me to report it to the company. You wait for our company’s feedback. Xiao Sun: they also admitted that it was a transportation loss caused by their transportation. They said they would give me a compensation of 500 yuan, and then I refused at that time. I said that your compensation was unfair. < p > < p > Xiao Sun: he said that after their professional team and professional and qualified reviewers, they finally compensated me with 2500 yuan, which means 2500 yuan for you to repair. I asked him, at that time, I insured the cost of 10000 yuan, and Debang’s claim staff told me that this was the final result of the claim. If not, you should go through the legal process Order or what. < / P > < p > it’s obvious that you have already spent 40 yuan to buy the insurance premium of 10000 yuan. Why can you only pay 2500 yuan in the end? Is what Xiao Sun said true? Line mobilization and Xiao sun came to Tieshan Town Sales Department of depang express, which was located on shuiniushan road in West Coast new area. The person in charge was not at the scene. Xiao Sun called the manager Sun of the sales department. < / P > < p > line mobilization gave the contact information to manager Sun, who said that there would be professionals to respond to the line mobilization. Soon, line mobilization received a call from deppon Express’s public relations department. < / P > < p > deppon express public relations department staff: at present, the valuation is based on the actual loss of the customer’s goods. It is not that we only compensate 2500 yuan or the customer does not accept our loss assessment. We can find a third-party organization to determine the loss and try to give a satisfactory reply to the customer before next Monday. < p > < p > Xiao Sun: my demand is that according to the contract with Debang at that time, let them perform according to the contract price, and compensate me for 10000 yuan. < p > < p > in the electronic waybill service terms of deppon express, we found that in the case of xiaosun, when the actual value is greater than or equal to the declared value, the company will compensate for all damage or loss of the consignments according to the declared value, and compensate according to the declared value and loss ratio if the deposit is partially damaged or the contents are missing. What should I do in a situation like xiaosun? Zhao Qingshu, lawyer of Shandong Chenggong law firm: the contract of express delivery company is formulated unilaterally and used repeatedly. This is the standard terms or standard contract stipulated by law. If the standard contract has the situation of exempting or reducing its own responsibility, if it causes unfair situation to the other party, the court can rule that the clause is not successful Li, if the value of the damaged goods in the transportation process is large, it is suggested to communicate with the express company first. If it is really impossible to communicate, it is suggested to sue in the court. < p > < p > before the program was broadcast, Xiao Sun called the bank mobilization and said that the staff of Debang express had arrived at the scene to negotiate with him this afternoon, and finally deppon express paid xiaosun 5500 yuan. Global Tech