According to reports, lalamove, an on-demand logistics service active in China, Southeast Asia and Latin America, officially entered the United States seven years after its establishment. As the new crown epidemic has forced millions of Americans to stay indoors, Hong Kong based lalamove believes it can seize the opportunity to meet the growing demand for distribution in the US market. < / P > < p > lalamove was the first to launch the service in the Ford Worth area of Dallas. The region is also a major distribution and logistics center in the United States. After that, lalamove will launch logistics services in Chicago and Houston. < p > < p > lalamove is one of the few Unicorn startups in Hong Kong with a valuation of US $1 billion. The company is rich in business types and highly localized, but in essence, it is similar to Uber in express delivery, transporting goods in cities for individuals and enterprises. In China, lalamove also orders Lala. < / P > < p > in the United States, lalamove’s fleet includes cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, which can provide express delivery services 24 hours a day, mainly serving customers in catering, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and construction industries, with a starting price of $8.90. < / P > < p > “distribution services are very important, especially during this epidemic. But many local companies don’t have or cannot maintain their own transportation teams, so we are looking forward to working with these companies in the Ford Worth area of Dallas to provide them with on-demand delivery services with same day delivery, “said Blake Larson, international general manager of lalamove. < / P > < p > lalamove’s investors include Hillhead capital, Sequoia Capital China and Shun Wei capital, founder of Xiaomi. So far, lalamove has proven and has more than 500 co drivers in the Ford Worth area of Dallas. The company plans to add another 500 co drivers by the end of this year. At the same time, lalamove is recruiting for regional operations offices. To date, lalamove has provided distribution services to more than 7 million users in 22 markets around the world, with more than 700000 cooperative drivers, according to the company. Global Tech