LG will provide apple with a mini LED display that will launch a new iPad in the first quarter of 2021, etnews reported today. LG may begin mass production of the display by the end of this year. Mini LED backlight provides many of the same advantages as OLED displays, including higher brightness, higher contrast and higher power efficiency. < / P > < p > rumors abound about an iPad pro with a mini LED display. As early as June, l0vetodream, a mysterious but reliable whistleblower, said Apple planned to launch a new iPad Pro Model in the first half of 2021, with a14x chips, 5g and mini LED displays. According to several sources, the iPad Pro will be a 12.9-inch model. < p > < p > Apple last updated the iPad pro in March, but this is a relatively small update. The new features include an a12z bionic chip, which is basically an a12x chip, supports additional GPU cores, an ultra wide camera can achieve 0.5x zoom, a lidar scanner, augmented reality, and better sound microphone. This is the first update to the iPad Pro since it underwent a major redesign in October 2018. < p > < p > today’s report said Apple also plans to use mini LED displays on future MacBook iMacs, as previously rumored. Global Tech