The iPhone 12 Mini may not be the most popular model in Apple’s latest product line, but the iPhone 12 seems to be experiencing the opposite treatment. According to the latest data, this 6.1-inch member has become the most popular 5g smartphone in such a short time, beating other Android 5g smartphones launched before. < / P > < p > one of the factors for the popularity of iPhone 12 is the market demand for 5g smart phones, coupled with the attractive operator promotion activities in the United States, which is a successful business secret. The iPhone 12 also offers mmwave support, which may be why this special model is a favorite choice for American consumers. As far as iPhone sales are concerned, Apple has always been a great success in the United States, but its sales in 140 regions around the world have also benefited the technology giant. In the future, demand for the iPhone 12 series is likely to remain strong until the fourth quarter of 2020, especially during Christmas, according to the report. If that’s not enough for apple, the company’s iPhone shipments could be the highest next year, with suppliers reported to be required to increase production by 30% in the first half of 2021. When the iPhone 13 family arrives, it won’t be delayed like the iPhone 12 series, because an earlier report said that next year’s iPhone launch will be held as scheduled during September. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities