Although Guo Mingzhen, an analyst at TF international securities, pointed out in an earlier report that none of the iPhone 12 models will adopt a 120Hz refresh rate display screen, future users may have some extra expectations and enjoyment. Clearly, Apple hopes to differentiate the iPhone 12 Pro Max from other product lines, including the iPhone 12 pro, this year, by bringing exclusive upgrades to the largest models. < / P > < p > earlier rumors suggested that the price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max would not be more expensive than when the iPhone 11 Pro Max was released, but that may change. With a 120Hz OLED screen and a lidar camera, this means that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be coveted by many potential customers. In fact, an earlier report detailed that the iPhone 12 Pro Max may further add momentum to this year’s launch due to the expected high demand, leading the tech giant to ship about 80 million of its latest products in 2020 alone. < / P > < p > we suspect that most potential customers will consider the 120Hz refresh rate display to be a more popular upgrade to encourage them to spend extra money on the iPhone 12 Pro max. Thanks to the 6.7-inch display, this model will essentially pack a larger battery. Therefore, combined with the efficiency of A14 bionic made on 5nm architecture, we believe that users may experience a whole day’s screen opening time with the 120Hz option enabled throughout the whole process. < / P > < p > the addition of three cameras and a lidar unit will bring more possibilities, such as obtaining accurate depth readings, experiencing enhanced ar functions, or better blurring effect for portrait capture. Global Tech