On October 21, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) issued a document saying that recently, in accordance with legal procedures, the SFC approved the registration of the following enterprises’ initial public offering of shares on the science and Technology Innovation Board: ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned enterprises and their Underwriters will negotiate with the Shanghai Stock Exchange to determine the issuance schedule and publish the offering documents. < / P > < p > this means that ant group has completed the registration procedures at the level of CSRC, and will soon start the procedures such as issuing inquiry. According to the issuance process of the science and technology innovation board, after the completion of registration, the enterprise usually has to go through several issuance links, such as roadshow, inquiry, online and offline issuance and purchase, and the whole issuance process needs at least 10 trading days. The listing of ant group is expected to become the largest IPO of this year, and many securities companies have estimated its value. Guoxin Securities through the absolute valuation method and the relative valuation method, the valuation range is 1.7 trillion to 2.5 trillion yuan. The Morningstar Stock Research Report valued ant group at HK $2.45 trillion (equivalent to RMB 2.1 trillion). < p > < p > on July 20, three months ago, ant group officially announced its a + H listing plan, seeking simultaneous listing on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s science and technology innovation board and the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited. < / P > < p > in the process of listing on the science and technology innovation board, the Shanghai stock exchange accepted the listing application of ant group on the science and technology innovation board on August 25, and then inquired ants about relevant issues. According to the reply to the inquiry letter published on September 7, ant was asked a total of 6 categories of 21 questions, covering the ownership structure of the issuer and the basic information of directors, supervisors and senior management, the business of the issuer, corporate governance and independence, financial and accounting information and management analysis, major event tips and risk factors. On September 9, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed ant’s reply to the second round of inquiry. The 32 page reply submitted by ant included five questions, such as regulatory policy and market competition. On September 18, ant group successfully held the meeting. From August 25 to the meeting, ant group only took 25 days. On September 22, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed the reply of ant group and its sponsor institutions to the letter of implementing the opinions of the municipal Party committee meeting. Late in the night of the same day, ant group submitted for registration. On October 20, we got the approval from the CSRC. < p > < p > last week, the news that the listing plan of ant group, which had been smooth all the way, was delayed. In response, a spokesman for ant group has said that the listing process of ants is progressing orderly in both places, and there is no preset timetable, and any speculation about the timetable is not based on facts. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure