Recently, many people noticed that the tiktok riders on the street had a kangaroo ear, which was very cute and the video was also in the heat of shaking. It turns out that since 2018, Knight’s day has been held on July 17 every year. This kangaroo ear is a special holiday gift given to takeaway riders by meituan company.

according to the staff of meituan company, the use of kangaroo ears in different cities is different. Kangaroo ears are usually used to praise and affirm excellent riders, but also to optimize customer experience.

it is understood that kangaroo ear (kangaroo is translated as kangaroo) glued to the helmet of meituan is specially designed for meituan takeaway. It supports 180 degree elastic rotation and can rotate freely.

in addition, meituan also designed kangaroo ear Mini for ordinary users, which is a hair hoop, which can be directly worn on the head without helmet.

now, this “kangaroo ear hair band” has been sold in the wechat app “meituan gift shop” for 6.9 yuan. The ear is 11.5cm long, the hair band is 13cm long and 11.5cm high. It is made of super soft crystal material.