When you drink the first cup of milk tea in autumn, some mosquitoes are also seizing the time to sip their favorite drink – blood. In fact, blood is not the only drink for mosquitoes. In the wild, both male and female mosquitoes will suck sugary liquid (such as nectar) to obtain daily energy. But for female mosquitoes, the protein in their blood can provide them with the nutrition they need to lay eggs. No wonder our blood is on the “must drink list” of many female mosquitoes < / P > < p > What’s worse is that mosquitoes can transmit many diseases while sucking blood, causing millions of deaths every year. In order to control mosquito borne diseases, let mosquitoes less blood, not blood, scientists think of a lot of ways. Leslie B. of Rockefeller University. Professor Vosshall is one of them. The research team led by her has been working hard to deal with mosquitoes for a long time. In order to make them less blood sucking, she also tried to give them weight-loss drugs < / P > < p > recently, this research group has made a new progress. Based on the fact that mosquitoes drink different liquids, they try to figure out a basic problem from the taste of mosquitoes: how do mosquitoes taste bleeding. < / P > < p > researchers point out that the mosquito’s taste for blood is a key problem in mosquito borne diseases. “If you don’t taste bleeding, theoretically mosquitoes won’t spread the disease.” Dr. Veronica jov é, the lead author of the study, said. < / P > < p > in order to understand the mosquito’s special taste for blood, researchers prepared nectar and blood for female Aedes aegypti to observe the difference between the two drinks. < / P > < p > in the paper, the researchers introduced that female mosquitoes have different drinking methods when sucking honey and blood. In short, when they suck honey, they mainly rely on their labium to detect sugar; while when they suck blood, they contract their labium to expose the stylet like a needle tube, and use it to pierce the skin and directly contact the blood. < / P > < p > next, researchers began to make drinks for mosquitoes to see what ingredients would induce female mosquitoes to reach out and enter the blood sucking mode. The results show that at least four substances are needed: glucose, sodium chloride (salt), sodium bicarbonate (which produces carbon dioxide), and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – a compound that provides energy for cells. < / P > < p > in order to confirm the taste of ATP, the researchers also mixed a little ATP solution and tasted it in person. “It doesn’t taste at all.” Professor Vosshall said, “ATP is a mysterious special substance, and human beings can’t taste it at all. But for mosquitoes, it must be very exciting and delicious. ” < / P > < p >} researchers used a special imaging device called biteoscope to observe how mosquitoes “drink” (image source: reference [2]; Credit: Prakash laboratory) < / P > < p > different receptors are distributed on the taste buds of human beings, which can distinguish different tastes. How can the mosquito’s mouth needle taste these four substances? So the researchers further analyzed the mosquito’s mouth needle in detail. < / P > < p > using genetically modified mosquitoes and calcium imaging technology to detect neuron activity, researchers have successfully identified four kinds of neurons sensitive to blood components in mosquito mouth needles. < / P > < p >} when female mosquitoes detect the taste of blood, specific neurons in the mouth needle light up (picture source: Resources [2]; Credit: Vosshall Lab) < / P > < p > so in summary, what is the taste of blood that mosquitoes like to drink for them? “I can only say it’s a little salty and a little sweet, but humans don’t have the same taste experience.” It’s a bit like trying to describe the color of flowers in the eyes of bees, the researchers explained. They can see ultraviolet rays that we can’t see, while females can taste things we can’t. < / P > < p > researchers said that when we have a deeper understanding of mosquito senses, it is possible to find corresponding methods to prevent mosquitoes from sucking blood. For example, it may be possible to develop a drug that interferes with the taste of our blood and makes mosquitoes think our blood is not good to drink. “We are all delicious enough for mosquitoes now.” Dr. jov é said. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region