Although there are not many new games in recent years, kelomei, an old game manufacturer, still has a strong base. Its alloy equipment is still very popular with fans. Recently, the government has released the latest “alloy equipment” themed hand mask propaganda film, which is beautiful and practical, and is deeply loved by disabled players. < p > < p > · the metal feeling of the mask is full of sci-fi metal. Although the functionality of the mask is different from that of the expensive first-class micro motion hand, its basic cool degree and practicability can meet the daily life needs of most hand disabled people. < / P > < p > · the new “alloy equipment” theme hand mask released by colomey this time is from the simulation design of “Metal Gear Solid V: the phantom pain”. In addition to a slight upgrade in functionality, the more cool coating is believed to be more appealing to the disabled players. The price of the hand mask is 599 pounds. If you need it, please pay attention to the official page: Click to enter. Global Tech