Just yesterday, the specification for pixel 5 leaked brilliantly, before Google’s September 30 event. Previously, we reported on the internal structure of pixel 4A 5g, but since this information is not as thorough as we would like, we mentioned waiting for more specific things to come down. Based on the new benchmark leak scores, it looks like pixel 4A 5g and pixel 5 will be no different, at least in terms of raw performance. < / P > < p > according to the latest geekbench list, pixel 5 may be equipped with 8GB of memory, while pixel 4A 5g will be equipped with 6GB of memory. It is claimed that a new list on geekbench shows pixel 4A 5g test scores, and the information accompanying the test results reveals some interesting parts. First of all, there may not be any difference in performance between pixel 4A 5g and pixel 5, as both smartphones are likely to have a snapdragon 765G processor. The test results show that pixel 4A 5g has successfully achieved 610 points in single core test and 1553 points in multi core test. Since pixel 5 is equipped with 8GB of memory when it is shipped, it seems that pixel 4A 5g will be one level lower than it. The geekbench list also shows that this model will be equipped with 6GB memory and Adreno 620 GPU when it is shipped, and it is likely to run Android 10 out of the box, but it may be updated to Android 11. < / P > < p > of course, compared with pixel 5, pixel 4A 5g does not have some similarities, that is, the display screen. While both smartphones may have OLED screens, the pixel 4A 5g may be treated as a normal 60Hz panel, while the pixel 5 has a 90hz display, providing a smoother experience. Again, the lack of these specifications should also make the pixel 4A 5g cheaper, making it a choice for many buyers. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen