At the recent quail auto auction held in the United States, chaopao from the famous film “clockwork orange” successfully auctioned for nearly 200000 US dollars. At present, there are only two such cars left in the world. Let’s have a look. ·Clockwork orange is a crime film directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1972, starring Malcolm McDowell. Adapted from Anthony Burgess’s novel of the same name, this film tells the story of a vicious boy Alex who voluntarily accepted special personality therapy in order to regain his freedom in advance after he was imprisoned, but was persecuted by justice after “recovery”.

· this orange coated super run is the 1969 m-505 probe 16. In that year, only three sets were manufactured, one of which was completely abandoned by fire. This well preserved m-505 probe 16 was finally sold for about 1.3 million yuan. Let’s enjoy more details. Global Tech

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