The library of Congress in Washington, D.C., has a huge collection of over 167 million items. There are books, audio products, photos and maps in the library of Congress. There is also a collection of video games in the library. At the beginning, there were only 10 games, including Super Mario Brothers 3. But in the library, there is another collection related to games, which is video game introduction books.


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In those days, if players want to know all the secrets of a video game, they must rely on the help of the video game introduction book. Now, if you want to achieve full collection and full achievement in the game or carelessly pass the card, you can easily solve the problem through the search engine, but in the era of underdeveloped network, the video game introduction book is a treasure book for players who want to perfect the pass.

In order to preserve the history of video games, organizations like the American video game history foundation have begun to preserve the source code of classic games in recent years. In recent years, the library of Congress has begun to preserve game media on different platforms. In addition to the video game itself, the library also keeps a lot of strategy books. Since the advent of video games, the number of strategy books on the market has been unable to count. Almost all major games have corresponding strategies, whether official or unofficial. Collecting them as much as possible can connect the development history of video games and provide help for future research.