The most popular news of this year’s “double 11” is undoubtedly the “war report” of all kinds of live broadcast with goods. From the head anchor to the star anchor, we created “astronomical number” turnover. The business logic behind these “astronomical figures” lies in two “believes”: the business believes that the head anchor can create the “pop money” miracle, while the consumer believes that the “lowest price of the whole network” can be obtained in the live broadcast room. Although these head anchors have a large number of “fans”, but the transaction volume mainly depends on the consumers who enter the live room to place orders for the “lowest price of the whole network”. How to refine the “lowest price of the whole network” of live broadcast with goods? It does require a whole set of operations. First of all, the anchor himself “said.”. The anchor also understands that it is against the advertising law to express “the lowest price of the whole network” frankly. However, he can say how much money tmall stores will sell this year. Today, he will not only discount the 618 price, but also give free gifts. Moreover, we should yell at the top of our lungs. The price is only available in my studio today. The second is to find opportunities to “perform”. The usual routine is to find people to “quarrel”, quarrel with the brand side, with other anchors and so on. For example, a head anchor once claimed to “ban” Lancome because the Lancome suit sold in the studio was 20 yuan higher than other anchors. The third is to rely on the cooperation of others. For example, according to media reports, before the double 11 of this year, the official flagship store of guess and a certain anchor were broadcast live simultaneously. The shop also pointed out that the 899 yuan of a certain anchor studio was the “lowest price”. While “the lowest price of the whole network” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the label of the head anchor has changed from “planting grass with good goods” to “the lowest price of big brands”, which has completed the successful transformation of the mode of making money. < / P > < p > everyone likes the “lowest price” when buying things. But is the “lowest price of the whole network” with goods live broadcast really cheap? The head anchor will say that they “bring goods” to make money by word-of-mouth, and they can never deceive consumers. Moreover, they also have a strong bargaining power, and even each order has an agreement with the brand on “the lowest price in the whole network”. But the problem is that there is a contradiction between the “lowest price of the whole network” that the head anchor is proud of and the huge sales volume. If a product is mainly sold through the head anchor’s live broadcast with goods, then the “network’s lowest price” is far from what consumers want to pick up. This kind of other channel cooperates with bidding high price, and the main channel carries out activities with the so-called “low price” mode of large-scale shipment with a long history. Now it is just a “vest”. Of course, the effect of this routine in live with goods is surprisingly good. Because there is no competition in the live room to disturb, in the anchor “grab is to earn” under the flicker, consumers naturally scramble to place orders. < / P > < p > “the lowest price of the whole network” accelerates the rapid aggregation of traffic to the head anchor, thus the Matthew effect of the industry appears. According to the recent statistics of relevant head anchors, the Gmv of the top two anchors is equivalent to the sum of the last 28 anchors. If it is said that the “lowest price of the whole network” of the head anchor may not be really cheap, then the waist and tail anchor who lack bargaining power may claim more water. On November 20, the China Consumer Association issued the “double 11” consumer rights protection public opinion analysis report, which pointed out that through the analysis of online big data public opinion on the relevant consumption rights protection situation from October 20 to November 15, it was found that the negative consumption information during the “double 11” promotion activities this year mainly focused on two aspects: live delivery with goods and unreasonable rules, and false discounts and numbers in live delivery with goods According to the statistics, there are many problems such as counterfeiting. The past experience shows that the “low price game” that is constrained by traffic is unsustainable, which not only disappoints the trust of consumers, but also hinders fair competition, and is harmful to the whole business ecology. < p > < p > as a new channel mode based on private traffic, live delivery with goods has natural advantages such as high scene integration, direct effect quantification of sales expenses and huge private traffic resources. In particular, a large number of small businesses that could not afford to buy traffic have joined the market competition through the transformation of live e-commerce, making good use of products with high cost performance, and promoting the fission growth of private domain traffic through word-of-mouth communication and social sharing. Through live broadcasting with goods, villagers in the depths of the mountains can also turn “small fungus” into a “big industry”. Encouraging the development of live e-commerce can directly stimulate the growth of consumption, which will bring huge sales increment. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a correct orientation for the live broadcasting industry, give full play to the advantages of the anchor in communicating with consumers and finding good products, lead the supply with demand and create demand with supply, so that the live delivery industry can truly become a new mode of inclusive, win-win and sustainable development, and contribute to the formation of a strong consumer market. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities