Krafton, the parent company of the Jedi, has recently begun its initial public offering, with analysts saying its market value will increase by at least 30 trillion won (174.52 billion yuan) after it goes public. At the beginning of 2019, blue hole changed its name to krafton, and its original name was inherited by the development studio of tera and a: IR. According to industry insiders, krafton has invited domestic and foreign securities companies to submit IPO outline plans before October 12, hoping to enter the Korean stock market next year. Krafton started with the name of blue hole in 2007, and the company’s most famous game is survival of the Jedi, which went on sale in 2017 with revenue of $100 million in just 13 weeks. Among Korean game companies, krafton’s performance this year is second only to Nexon, and its revenue has tripled from last year. A market expert said: “only from this year’s expected earnings, the company’s valuation is between 30 trillion won and 35 trillion won.” Currently, krafton’s largest shareholder is its founder and chairman, Chang Byung Gyu, which controls 41% of the shares. Tencent is the second largest shareholder with a 10% stake. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure