For many consumers, buying a car is definitely a hard work. In addition to the price with the sales of “leather” in addition to the purchase of various additional fees, they also need to verify one by one. However, even so, the car you bought may not be the same as the one you took in the store, and Mr. Liu of Taizhou has encountered such a trouble. According to media reports, in late August, Mr. Liu spent about 300000 yuan on a Mercedes Benz GLB model in Taizhou Yuhuan star Mercedes Benz 4S store. And then signed the purchase contract of Mercedes Benz GLB 200. < / P > < p > it is stated in the contract that the vehicle with frame number and tail number is 088781, the production date is August 15, 2020, and the delivery date to the store is September 30. On September 11, the 4S store informed Mr. Liu that he could pick up the car in the store. Later, Mr. Liu took the car away and went home. But the next day, Mr. Liu found that the left rear window of the vehicle made a serious abnormal noise. After that, Mr. Liu drove the car back to the 4S shop for maintenance. However, when filling in Benz software, he found that the tail number of the car frame was 069946 and the production date was August 1, which was inconsistent with the purchase contract. Mr. Liu said: when I picked up the car, I saw that the color and configuration of the exterior interior were the same as those of the predetermined style, but the left rear window made some abnormal noises. The sales staff said that it would be OK after two days of driving. < / P > < p > out of trust, I signed the pick-up list without looking at it carefully. In the process of vehicle inspection, delivery, payment and registration, the sales staff did not explain to me the inconsistency between the frame number and the contract. But each car has a different frame number, which means it’s not the car I ordered. In this regard, Mr. Chen, sales manager of Taizhou Yuhuan star Mercedes Benz 4S store, said that at present, the industrial and commercial departments have stepped in the investigation, and the 4S store still wants to solve the problem through negotiation, hoping to sit down with Mr. Liu. < p > < p > for the reasons for the error, the 4S store said, “it’s mainly because Mr. Liu is in a hurry and needs to deliver the car early. We also checked the car before delivery, and Mr. Liu also signed it. The configuration and frame number are available on the delivery list. ” Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple