Bungie has released a “destiny 2” expansion film, Europa, which predicts that a new battlefield will be launched on this planet. Let’s wait and see. The expansion will be launched on the PS4, Xbox one, steam and stadia platforms on November 10, as well as ps5 and xsx. < / P > < p > a new force was born out of the pyramidal craft that docked on Europa, and a dark Empire rose at its feet. In the expansion of Destiny 2: the moment of light, the guardians will explore a changing universe, including a new destination, new explorations, and new forces waiting for you to discover. < / P > < p > explore Europa: in the moment of light, guardians will be summoned to a new destination: Jupiter’s frigid moon Europa. As a brave man, on the extremely cold front line, he sneaks into the Buri facility of the golden age and excavates the secrets buried in the ancient ice. Dominating shadow: as new threats emerge, a new mystical force emerges – ice shadow comes from shadow, and guardians will use this new elemental power to summon powerful powers and control the battlefield with arcs, scorching sun and void. Titans, warlocks, and hunters each have different ways to use ice shadow. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen