With the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, “appreciating the moon” is one of the most important plays. This year’s mid autumn moon is not only the “Fifteenth moon and sixteen circles”, but also the “second full moon” of this year. How to appreciate this “different” mid autumn moon, astronomy experts here to make suggestions for the public. The full moon of this year’s mid autumn moon appeared at 5:05 a.m. on October 2. Affected by the distance between the moon and the earth, from the earth, the roundest mid autumn moon is obviously a little thinner than the full moon in other months of this year. < / P > < p > “at the best of times, most people are still in a sweet dream. Even if they want to” look up at the bright moon “, they are” powerless “. Although the moon on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival is not the roundest, it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish from the full moon, and it is more suitable for viewing in terms of time Said Shi Zhicheng, member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and director of the Tianjin astronomical society. < / P > < p > from 20:30 to 21:30, the moon climbs to a very suitable height, which is the best time to enjoy the moon. Shi Zhicheng said that during this period, people can find a place with a wide field of vision, such as parks, lakeside, mountain tops and other places, and look up to see the brightest and most beautiful celestial body in the night sky. < / P > < p > with the passage of time, the full moon gradually moves to the southern sky. At midnight, the full moon climbs to the highest and brightest, and is located in the southern sky, becoming a veritable “compass”. And at this moment, a “bright moon in the sky” beauty is also presented in front of people, moonlight is quiet. < / P > < p > “if the imagination is rich, scenes such as Chang’e’s flight to the moon, Wu Gang’s cutting osmanthus and jade rabbit’s pounding herbs will come to mind. At this time, if you recite a few poems chanting the moon, it will affect your feelings and repose your missing feelings for your relatives, friends and hometown from afar. ” Shi Zhicheng said. Privacy Policy