On October 1, Didi announced that yesterday’s travel demand exploded, and Didi’s travel app failed, but its global business has exceeded 60 million, reaching 50 million for the first time on the Chinese Valentine’s Eve (August 25) a month ago. On September 29, Didi predicted that on September 30 or the most difficult day to take a taxi in adulthood, more than 3 million drivers would stick to their posts online, but the success rate of passengers taking a taxi was less than 60%. For this reason, didi.com, kuaidi new rental and huaxiaozhu jointly issued 100 million driver subsidies on September 30 to encourage drivers to receive more orders. At about 15:00 on the 30th, many netizens reported that didi app could not place an order and the call could not be cancelled. Didi collapsed. This topic was instantly on the hot search list of sina Weibo. For this, Didi’s official apology said that, fully aware of everyone’s yearning for home, 2020’s most difficult taxi day has blocked everyone. The technical fault has been repaired, so we can “hit” it. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities