Since the announcement of the cancellation of the National Atlas, “Pok é mon sword / shield” has experienced many public opinions and topped the sales list of many regions. It’s probably the most controversial and popular work of the year, with fans buying dual versions of the limited machine and proving how unsatisfying it is from all aspects. Now, another one has been added to the long list of bad reviews.

As early as less than a week after the game was put on sale, some players broke through the game. However, in the animation of the list of producers at the end of the game, the mouse pointer appeared inexplicably, which was discovered by the sharp eyed players and immediately caused a stir on twitter.

Is the animation at the end of the film made by recording screen? Because half of the players who have been hacked by elves are angry again, and the developers keep saying: “in terms of quantity and quality, they chose the latter” and the result is this?

On the one hand, the players are angry that the production team is not serious. On the other hand, they are also curious. After all, not everyone has participated in the game production. Under what circumstances will the PC mouse pointer appear in a host exclusive game! It’s still in a game with ten million sales.

There’s a pointer, lol

It’s on the back of the 0:59 chimpanzee

God, there’s a pointer xswl

They use the recording screen to record the pointer and dare to sell it for $60

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When this picture was just exposed, some people on the network questioned that it was the video recorded by some PC simulator cracking players. As a result, this pointer was also found in the live broadcast of many anchors’ customs clearance, and it was found that it was really the official oolong.

So in order to let the mouse pointer into the game, we cut down 500 baokemeng

The fact that half of baokemeng is not as good as mouse pointer

Not only that, some players found that as early as September in the official live there was an accident of entering the mouse pointer…… So game faker, what the hell are you doing.

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At 3:37, look at the hair carefully