On September 8, the evaluation meeting of national vocational skill standards for e-sportsmen was held in Beijing. This indicates that the national professional skill standard of E-sports players will be promulgated, and the practitioners in e-sports industry will have the national vocational skill standards that can be followed. They will work with certificates according to their skill levels through open, fair and fair learning channels. Entrusted by the vocational skill appraisal center of the Ministry of human resources and social security of China, the China cultural management association undertakes the organization and development of national vocational skill standards for e-sportsmen. At the beginning of this year, the vocational skill appraisal center of the Ministry of human resources and social security and the China Cultural Management Association held a kick-off meeting on the development of national vocational skill standards for e-sportsmen, and put forward specific requirements on how to carry out investigation and research. The e-sports Management Committee of the Chinese cultural Management Association established the Compilation Committee of national professional skill standards for e-sportsmen, and carried out a detailed study in the industry Investigation and standard drafting. As a new national occupation, e-sportsman has different attributes and characteristics from other occupations. It covers more types of work, involves complex classification and changes quickly, which brings great difficulty to the compilation of professional skill standards. In addition, the outbreak of severe epidemic at the beginning of the year has brought unprecedented challenges to the originally complicated standard preparation work. Under such special conditions, the e-sports Management Committee, with the support of the relevant national scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, organized the editorial board experts to overcome the difficulties. It took nearly half a year to visit and invite the international E-sports Federation, the science and technology sports branch of the National Federation of sports kinematic schools, and the e-sports Project Department of the sports information center of the General Administration of sport Leaders and professionals of enterprises and institutions, such as E-sports Research Office of Sports Science Research Institute of General Administration of sport of the people’s Republic of China, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., tengjing sports culture development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Netease computer system Co., Ltd., held more than ten symposia, and had extensive and in-depth communication with them and mastered a large number of detailed and accurate employees’ letters Information and industry data, and according to the actual needs of nearly 500 million domestic E-sports users, more than 60% of them are young people, nearly 400000 existing domestic practitioners, more than 100000 new practitioners each year, and more than 2 million career gaps, the national vocational and technical standards (Draft) are carefully prepared. < / P > < p > “among many professional skill standards, E-sports player may be the most difficult one.” Ge hengshuang, a second-class inspector of the vocational skill appraisal center of the Ministry of human resources and social security and director of the Standards Department, said that according to the provisions of Article 69 of the labor law, the state determines the occupation classification. The national vocational skill standard is the standard requirement of practitioners’ professional behavior, which is oriented by professional activities and centered on vocational skills. The e-sports industry has its own particularity. In the formulation of national professional skill standards for E-sports players, we must consider finding the right carrier for them, and we can try to innovate boldly. Finally, the introduction of this standard can give the career planning ideas and career development direction for the people who live on E-sports. At the review meeting, Zhang Lingzhi, deputy director of the Standards Department of the Ministry of human resources and social security, introduced the requirements for the assessment of professional skills standards, affirmed the writing of the standards (first draft), and suggested that the editorial board experts should focus on enhancing the landing of the standards under the premise of fully considering the professional characteristics of E-sports players, so that the standards can be implemented smoothly after promulgation. < / P > < p > the experts and leaders who participated in the review meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the content of the standard (the first draft). Representatives from industry management organizations, professional standards compilation experts, e-sports industry related enterprises and clubs, based on their own experience and understanding of the e-sports profession, combined with the characteristics of the industry, put forward a large number of innovative opinions and suggestions, and finally the review meeting A written review report has been formed. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure