Today, the new DLC “Western overlord” of Empire time 2: Decision edition is officially announced. The DLC will be on sale on January 27, 2021, with a pre-sale price of 39 yuan. The new DLC will have two new civilizations, new units and technologies to challenge friends. In the three new campaigns, you can conquer your opponents with your absolute military strength and diplomatic skills, or overwhelming economic and cultural strength! Burgundy: with its economic strength, cultural achievements and the use of advanced military technology and tactics, Burgundy rose from a simple principality to a miracle in Western Europe. Burgundy’s unique unit is a cavalry unit that uses a powerful deterrent attack when entering the battlefield. < / P > < p > Sicily: as you build one of the most coveted kingdoms in medieval Europe, you can also experience the unique multicultural and martial spirit of the Mediterranean transportation hub. Sicily’s unique unit, the Sargent guard, is a robust infantry unit capable of building powerful towers. Edward long legged: Edward longlegged, a hostage to the rebellious aristocracy, vowed to recapture what he should have inherited, and led the divided England to gain unprecedented and supreme prestige and tough position. He was both a shrewd commander and a cunning politician, using cruel and effective methods but ignoring morality. Follow him, driven by power and glory, to fight in England, Wales, Scotland, and even on the Crusade, in which you will use the British. The Great Duke of the West: for decades, the Duke of Burgundy has been involved in the bloody struggle for the Regency of the mad king of France by means of strategy, military strength and huge wealth. However, as the cost of blood became more and more high, they moved their focus to the north to establish their own kingdom. In this campaign, you will use the Burgundy. < / P > < p > Auteuil family: in 1047, Robert De autville left Normandy with a small gang of robbers. In a short period of 100 years, his family members have become the Duke of Italy, the prince of holy land, and even the king of Sicily. Join the camp of these brave Norman adventurers and blend the three cultures into the most inclusive and complicated kingdom in Europe. In this campaign, you will use Sicilians. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities