Apple is continuing to develop a smart ring device, which can be used as accessories or in combination with apple glasses, apple VR head display and other devices. Apple has applied for many patents related to finger wearing devices. A new patent application announced on Thursday extends previous work on the scalable ring device. < p > < p > the system described in Apple’s patent includes a & quot; wearable electronic device configured to be worn on a user’s finger, and a & quot; containing a head mounted display device that users can check;. Apple said in the Patent Description that when the wearable electronic device is worn on the user’s finger, it has a rotating hinge parallel to the longitudinal axis of the user’s finger, a visual marker and a first sensor for collecting user input. < / P > < p > interestingly, the patent also points out that devices such as Apple’s VR head display will have a built-in sensor and can detect visual markers on users’ fingers to track their movements, which may provide some kind of gesture based control. Both the headset and the ring device can communicate over a wireless connection. Head mounted devices can display virtual content in a real-world environment and may contain circuits that modify the content. < / P > < p > the patent also describes how the two devices work together, wherein the ring device worn on the user’s finger has a first communication circuit built-in to send data to the external device, while the head mounted device has a second communication circuit which receives data from the ring device and generates images. The two communication circuits include a communication circuit supporting bidirectional communication between the ring and the head display, so as to And adjusting the display image control circuit according to the received data. Apple has repeatedly explored how to use finger worn devices in patents. In a patent filed in July 2020, apple thinks that smart rings can interface with augmented reality peripherals. Global Tech