Apple hardware may provide faster 5g speed in the future. By using mmwave signal, it can judge whether the nearby object blocks the transmission path, so that it can switch to different antenna configurations. Apple’s current iPhone 12 series devices support 5g, promising to use mmwave communications to achieve Gigabyte speed. However, mmwave is the most unstable element in 5g. The relatively fragile signal works in cellular communication for a short distance and is also easily blocked by objects. This range is from the user’s own hands to the glass, and in some cases it may be rain. In order to solve this problem, the equipment is equipped with multiple mmwave antennas, which can maximize the opportunity of signal receiving or transmission without being blocked by external forces. Even if it does not necessarily help, because although the device may automatically switch to the antenna with the best received signal at any time, it does not know what causes the problem. In a patent awarded by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday to apple, an electronic device called "e; with a phase antenna array for performing close range detection operations, apple said it might be possible to create a ranging system that specifically uses mmwave antennas. Firstly, the fact that there are many antennas scattered on the equipment will be used in the system, which will use a phase antenna array, and provide antenna feeders with horizontal and vertical polarization. The antenna may also provide some form of beam steering function and connect the circuit. The idea is to have the device transmit radio signals from a set of feeders at selected phases, and then monitor any signal reflection using a second group of feeders in the same phase array. The phase measurement circuit will collect the phase measurement value from the received signal of the array, and can compare with the transmitted signal, thus generating phase difference. This phase difference can be used to perform object approach detection, that is, to judge whether there is something nearby. If the difference detected exceeds a certain threshold value compared with the predefined calibration value, it can be more certain that there is an interference signal of the nearby object. After the obstacle is determined, the device can disable the phase antenna array and select different array configurations. On the contrary, if we find that there is no barrier, the system can increase the transmission power level safely. Although this may be applicable to many different radio technologies, the application of the patent seems to be mainly for mmwave, and the frequency of "a; millimeter wave or cm wave "e; is repeatedly mentioned throughout the process. Apple submits a large number of patent applications every week, but although the existence of patent applications indicates areas of interest in Apple’s R & D system, it cannot be guaranteed to be used in future products or services. Global Tech