The display of the future Apple watch, iPhone, or any apple device may contain a camera and camera flash that will only be visible when needed. The only reason to stop the popularity of the wrist video communicator, the apple watch, is that it lacks cameras. But Apple may have solved the problem by now, with a new patent that describes embedding a camera and flash in the display. < p > < p > an electronic device named & quot; with two display layers & quot; Apple patent, involves the production of a screen with different display levels. On the surface, it is suitable for any device with a screen. Apple lists the widest range of devices in its patent, but most of the content in the patent describes the apple watch. Apple’s patent mainly describes in detail how a small screen provides layers of different functions for Apple watch. < / P > < p > according to apple, electronic devices can provide a two-stage display, which can have an inner layer with a pixel array for displaying images, and an outer layer formed by a light modulator, which has an array of cells, each of which can be placed in transparent mode or light blocking mode. This layer can be effectively turned off so that users can see the video of the next layer, or it can be turned on to change the appearance of the device. In this case, the camera shutter may have an appearance that matches the case of the electronic device. When an image needs to be captured, a control circuit in the electronic device may temporarily place the shutter in transparent mode to allow light from the flash lamp and / or light imaged by the camera to pass through. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities