With the disappearance of the practicability of 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless audio accessories have suddenly become popular. Although transmission technology has changed, the fact that no one size or design is suitable for all scenarios has not changed. Instead of expanding all of its new audio brands to meet the needs of its young customers, Shure has not expanded all of its three wireless earphones in a new basket. < / P > < p > a few months ago, Shure launched its new aonic brand to capture the wireless headset and headset market. The aonic 50 is its first wireless headset with active noise reduction and Shure signature sound quality in a wireless and portable form. And aonic 215 also let the company enter the field of true wireless stereo earplugs. < / P > < p > but this time, the aonic family has brought some changes: three new aonic headphones come with wire, but they have a unique detachable design that can be turned into true wireless stereo (TWS) earplugs through true wireless secure fit adapter, which is sold separately for $179 or sold in a special bundle. < / P > < p > aonic 3 claims to have the smallest headphone module from Shure, but users can still get full range sound from its ventilated balanced armature drive. Aonic 4 uses the company’s first dual drive hybrid system, which combines a dynamic and balanced armature design. Last but not least, aonic 5 delivers a cinematic audio experience with three high-definition balanced armature drivers. < / P > < p > all three products use sound isolation technology, which can block external sound up to 37db. The retail price of the Shure aonic 3 is $199 and that of the bundled TWS secure fit adapter is $349. The Shure aonic 4 will sell for $299, with a bundled price of $449. Finally, the Shure aonic 5 is priced at $449 and bundled at $649. Global Tech