The famous fantasy cartoon “the giant in attack” is coming to an end. Recently, three new watches with the theme of “attacking giant” have been released, corresponding to the three main characters, with novel design and excellent workmanship, which is worth starting with. ·The new watches with the theme of “attacking giant” respectively correspond to Allen blue, Sanli red and green of army commander Liwell. They are novel in design and exquisite in workmanship, and the prices are all 17600 yen. Interested fans can pay attention to the official page: Click to enter. < / P > < p > · the attacking giant is a fantastic story about “the last life inside and outside the wall”. Longing for freedom has always been the most primitive instinct of human beings. However, the surviving human beings have to be trapped in the wall. The whole “giant in attack” can be said to be a hard exploration road for human beings to pursue a new “freedom”. It was started in 2009, and the animation premiered in 2013 World sensation, now the smoke of gunpowder gradually subsided, enthusiasm has passed away, will mankind eventually find back the once free world? Global Tech