At present, there are some updated details on the page of PS mall of fallen gods. Many players find the words “online play required” and “PS plus required for online play” on the page. Players have raised doubts to the official. < / P > < p > “WTF?! I thought I wouldn’t buy the game until it was reduced to $30, but now it looks worse. Why do we stand-alone players always need to be “online”? This is ridiculous. I hope this kind of thing will not become the norm in the game circle. ” < / P > < p > < p > the fall of gods is a third person fantasy ARPG game. The world is divided into five elements: Earth, water, gas, fire and spirit. The screen style of the game is influenced by the series of fantasy novels “Yuguang classics”, “the first law” and “the base”. < / P > < p > < p > the PC version of the fall of the gods will be on sale in epic store on November 12, the ps5 version will be on sale in North America on November 12, and in Europe on November 19. < 4 < air < 4 core= target=_ blank>Global Tech