In the early morning of September 16, apple held an autumn conference today. In addition to launching new iPad and apple watch, Apple also announced the official launch date of IOS 14, tomorrow. In fact, after today’s launch, Apple also pushed GM versions of IOS 14 and iPad OS 14 (the last beta before the official release) for developers to test. It can be said that the GM version is basically the same as the official version. However, for ordinary users, we still suggest waiting one more day to upgrade the official version directly. < p > < p > IOS 14 has been launched for more than two months since WWDC global developer conference. Its most obvious changes are the introduction of a redesigned home screen, the first support for widgets, and the addition of the concept of APP repository. < / P > < p > all this is still centered on app icons, but Apple also realizes that with the increasing number of apps, how to extract important information from them has become a new problem. < / P > < p > that’s why we have the widget, which allows users to see the most core information (weather forecast, etc.) without opening the app; and app resource library, which can automatically classify and display common apps at the top. < / P > < p > incoming calls and FaceTime calls no longer occupy the entire iPhone iPad display, and Siri requests are minimized, so calling Siri does not monopolize the screen. < / P > < p > the picture in picture mode of video allows users to watch videos while using other applications, such as chatting with wechat and swiping drama at the same time, which avoids switching back and forth between apps before. In fact, it is also to improve the efficiency of system operation. < / P > < p > it is a part of the app itself, but it can be run directly by scanning QR code. Users can make full use of some application functions without downloading the complete app, such as purchasing coffee, booking restaurants, etc. downloading the entire app will be very troublesome. < / P > < p > in the “message” application, you can set the top important dialogue, use @ shout person in group chat, and use reply to keep the conversation organized. There are new memoji options to assign chat groups with photos, emoticons or memoji icons. < / P > < p > < p > the health app supports Apple watch’s new sleep tracking feature and provides more information about precipitation and severe weather events in the weather app. < / P > < p > Apple maps provides cycling routes, including altitude, busy roads and stairways, as well as people with electric vehicles, as well as route options with EV charging stations. In addition, there are license plate restrictions for Chinese users. < / P > < p > car digital key, iPhone instead of physical key, with the car supporting this function, you can drive away by brushing the car with your mobile phone, and send the car key to others through information. BMW will soon support this feature. < p > < p > Safari’s privacy report lets you know which websites have a tracking mechanism, and an orange or green highlight on the home screen lets users know that the app is using a camera or microphone. < / P > < p > as for the iPad, apple pencil can now be used in any text field, and handwritten text can be automatically converted to typed text. < / P > < p > for users with airpods pro in their hands, IOS 14 also leaves a surprise. The headset can create “spatial audio” with a mobile phone or iPad with new firmware, which can simulate the surround effect of a home theater with a pair of small headphones. < p > < p > Apple is very smart. Through such innovation, it not only connects its ecological products more closely, but also gives users more reasons to upgrade the system. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities