According to new data released on Monday by OkCupid, 69% of U.S. respondents said they would prefer their date to share their political beliefs. This is up from 61% last year. Michael Kaye, global communications and public relations manager at OkCupid, said: & quot; we are always told never to talk about politics, never to talk about religion, never to talk about money on a first date, which is not the case now. &He points out that political and voting questions have become the most popular question categories on the platform, which have been answered more than 105 million times, far more than other categories from astrology to tourism. < / P > < p > to get the data, OkCupid looked at 450 million users’ responses. People who use OkCupid can answer a variety of questions to match others more effectively. The question can be anything, from whether you’ll pay extra for avocado sauce to whether you’ll Google someone before you date. This marks a shift in the political perception of a potential significant person. Kaye said that with the dust of the 2020 election still hanging in the air, this may be a sustained trend. < / P > < p > in fact, the preference to find a politically acceptable partner is only one prediction OkCupid identified in its future report on dating in 2021. Not surprisingly, the new epidemic has changed the way people think about dating and dating people. As the blockade sweeps across the world, daters turn to video chat, and dating platforms announce a return to more serious and purposeful dating to really get to know a person before meeting. 84% of respondents said it was important to have emotional connections before physical connections. < / P > < p > and as the pressure to meet quickly disappears, more daters are expanding their geographic preferences. Since the beginning of the new outbreak, OkCupid has found that dialogue and connectivity on the platform has increased by 50% on geographical boundaries. People have longer conversations, they spend more time on apps, people feel very lonely all year, they are really looking for companions and comforters. The report also found that daters are paying more and more attention to cohabitation before marriage (89%), which may be the result of accelerating the process of cohabitation between the new epidemic. In addition, one million respondents said they didn’t like living alone. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days